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All the JCPL products under and marked with TEXTURES are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and remain resilient, outperforming most of the products available in the market. We are so confident in the quality of these prints that we offer a Lifetime Print Warranty* on our TEXTURES collection. The warranty covers the Print surface of the JCPL tableware. *T&C Apply.

Scope of Warranty :Ā 

The productsĀ are covered forĀ LIFETIME limited warranty against Print Surface only. Please note details carefully before claiming :

  1. The warranty for a product is counted from the date of itsĀ original purchase.
  2. It includesĀ the warranty against the quality of Print Surface only,Ā limited to:
    • Colour Fading of the Print over a period of time with regular usage.
    • Scratches to the Print Surface over a period of time with regular usage.
  3. However, it does not cover damages resulting from accidents, mishandling or tampering with the product. Unsafe and improper washing conditions and usage of synthetic oils and spices etc also voids the warranty.
  4. Warranty is only valid against producing original bill endorsed by the authorisedĀ JCPL seller.

Please note yourĀ JCPL TEXTURESĀ Warranty Claim will be replaced by the same size and colour of your original purchase. If the size and colour are no longer available, it will be replaced by one of similar size and colour and will be of same MRP value.

Warranty can be claimed by submitting your Original Bill, Reason of Claim, Product Images and your Complete Contact Details atĀ

Upon successful verification, Warranty Claims shall be processed for replacement within 7 working days of receipt of your email.

Please note : Management at Clay Craft India Private Limited reserves the right to analyse, verify and pass any claims and reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions of the aforementioned claims.

You will be required to ship your warranty product back toĀ JCPLĀ for review, prior to us shipping you a warranty replacement.

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